Our system is not an art… it's a science. The PuroClean QuickDry™ System offers superior drying based on the science of Psychrometrics. This proven, scientific process measures the dryness of the walls, carpet, and other materials. These measurements are recorded in a log and help us monitor the drying process of your property.

The PuroClean QuickDry™ Guarantee - Back to Normal in Three Days or Less.* PuroClean will monitor and mitigate water damage to your property and in most cases have it back to normal in three days or less*. Don't wait, call us immediately. Learn more about the PuroClean Quick Dry™ System.

* Certain extreme conditions may warrant additional drying time and/or the removal of carpet pad and structural components.

PuroMetrix - Priority Response 

PuroClean offers a proprietary claims management system as part of our Certified Priority Response (CPR) program for loss notice assignment, job data collection and reporting back to the insurance company, adjuster or claims manager.  This system allows all of our offices to run their business smart and efficiently while providing the superior customer experience PuroClean clients have come to trust.

The first notice of loss comes in to our National Call Center at 800-775 PURO (7876), which is then entered into PuroMetrix™ and assigned to the closest CPR Certified PuroClean office.  The Certified PuroClean office then manages that job using PuroMetrix™ to provide the insurance client access to data in real time as job information is uploaded to the system both from the office and in the field using hand-held tablets.  You will see moisture readings and mapping, photos and job diary documentation, as well as digital customer signature capture.  PuroMetrix™  can also easily be used for centralized billing for regional and national clients. 




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